About Hermana Matheson

  • I LOVE my family.

Family is truly so important to me. I am incredibly grateful for the loving and happy family to which I am a part of. I love spending time with every single person in my family. What a blessing it is to live with my very best friends for eternity. 

These are my cool siblings. (Left to Right: Emilee, Me, Aimee, (front) Lance, Lynzee)

Aimee(21): This girl is so the best oldest sibling in the history of oldest siblings. But for real she is one of the most loving and patient people I have ever met. She's my greatest example and partner in crime. She is currently serving in the Fiji, Suva mission and is loving it. Check out her incredible blog, here, she's a much better writer than me :) 

Emilee(16):Em is one of the most talented people i've eva met. She plays the piano like a rockstar. Really she's amazing. She works so hard. She LOVES history and is incredibly smart. Like really smart. When she was 5 she memorized the Gettysberg address. Like are you serious? Anyways. I love her a whole lot and am so grateful to have her as my sister.

Lynzee(13):Lynz reminds me a lot of myself in the sense that she does crazy weird stuff all the time. That I look at and go "Why did you do that" and then I remember that i've done pretty much the exact same thing before. She LOVES kids and has such a way with them. She always is looking for ways to make someone's day or serve them.

Lance(10): Not that I should be picking favorites but... I have to say Lance is without a doubt my favorite brother. ;) But really he is a stud. He puts up with 4 older sisters like a champ. He loves playing basketball and driving tractors. Real tractors. He has gone to work with my dad since he could walk and now works for my dad driving tractors. He's really good. 

  • I LOVE being an Aggie.

I attended Utah State University for a year. I am studying business marketing and am planning to finish there when I get back. I LOVE it there. I have the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for Utah State which has been such a blessing. I love that school so much. Some of the best people i've ever met are Aggies. 

  • LOVE the Falcons.
I attended Clearfield High School and will forever be a falcon. I'm pretty sure no one loves that school as much as I do. The experiences i've had and people i've met at Clearfield High have truly shaped me in to who I am today.

  • I LOVE to travel.
The world is absolutely incredible. One of the greatest testimony builders to me is the beauty of the world. How else could something this beautiful and incredible have been made. Heavenly Father gave us this beautiful world because he LOVES us. I love exploring any inch of it that I possible can.

  • LOVE adventure.
I have always found such a joy in trying new things and doing adventurous things. I LOVE the outdoors and spending time trying new things in new places.

  • LOVE this perfect gospel.
Most importantly I LOVE this gospel, a whole lot. Everything I have and am is because of this beautiful and perfect gospel. I am so excited to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so blessed to be able to share the happy message of the gospel.

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