Thursday, August 20, 2015

Signs of a True Conversion...

Time is a flyin! This week I hit my one year mark. SO surreal. I can`t believe a year has gone by. Pretty sure it has been the quickest year of my life, and also the most life changing. And without a doubt, one of the BEST. So grateful for these next six months I have left to serve my Heavenly Father! :)

A stellar week! Ups and downs of course.... I would say the biggest downs was that me and my comp both got sick this week. The ugly kind of sick. But it`s all good, makes one apreciate good health. I am SUPER blessed when it comes to my health :) Healthy is happy.

One of the blessings this week is that we found 10 new investigators! YAY. So many people let us in their homes! I love knocking a door and knowing that on the other side of that door is a child of God who needs what we have. This week as we got to meet people and hear their stories, I realized that EVERYONE has struggles, and truly needs to hear this message. So many trials, and difficulties, so much suffring. But really and truly... I know that the answer to EVERY sorrow, and difficulty is the gospel. That`s the plain and simple beautiful truth..

Cristina is seriously amazing! This week I was thinking about her and how much progress she has made and how she is truly experiencing a change of heart. I noticed two signs of true conversion I saw in her this week...

· Humility... Cristina was sharing an experience with us about a job she had, and to be able to pass all the requirements she had and bunch of paperwork to do and had a bad attitude.. she said she thought to herself... "who are they to ask all this info...i`m the professional" and she said that her whole experience in that job she spent fighting the demands with a poor attitude... and the whole experience was negative... But THEN she told us about her new job that she went in with a completely different attitude. She told herself..."I`m just going to obey... whatever they ask, I`m just gonna do it, and I`m gonna do it good." She explained that EVERYTHING changed. Her experience was completely different. She told us that that attitude is something she sees with the Gospel. She sees that doing what we ask her and most importantly what Heavenly Father asks her, she is blessed. There it is. The key to happiness. Just obey. And accept. Be humble. And everything works out. 

· Desire to Share. This week Cristina sent us a message that said... "if you could only see my right now teaching my friend the Plan of Salvation..." Hahaha. We were dying. But I LOVED that. That is a true sign that a change of heart is taking place. When we truly want others to know what we know, feel what we feel, and have what we have. I love this quote by President Maxwell.... "A great indicator of one`s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others."
I love watching conversion take place. And watching my personal conversion become more and more precise and profound. I truly love this gospel and know that it is the most beautiful thing on this earth :)

 Empanadas! (After which, I threw up at an investigators house, I will never think of Ham and Cheese the same)


 Brownies, Ice Cream, Uno, and good people..... best P-day eva :)

 P-Day Lunch with Yanina :)

 Our Friend Lola.... This dog is a character... haha.

 Yanina :)

Fried Oreos at Distrcit Meeting.... #heartattack