Thursday, August 13, 2015

The MOST Important Thing...

HOLA Amigos :)

This week was a special week! We got to spend an afternoon with Hermana Goates (The Mission President´s wife). She is such an example. And a trooper... right when she got here, the famous San Juan Viento Zonda (hot nasty wind full of dirt) hit, and it hit real good. Everyone thought we were crazy being outside in the Zonda. But we saw so many miracles for pressing on! One of the best days of the week!

This week we saw miracles. There are always miracles. Sometimes it´s just us that lack the capability to find them all. :) Cristina is progressing "a full" (a lot... haha). I absolutely love seeing her progress. She truly was searching for the gospel. She told us that for so long she was on the hunt for the truth and that she has found so much peace and so many answers through this beautiful message. Also this Saturday she came to a baptism and LOVED it. She told everyone .... "In a couple of weeks, it´s my turn... " The girl who was baptized shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and Cristina later told us... I want to read that book. I want to feel like she feels. :) Baptisms are beautiful. 

Yanina is also progressing. She is such a crack up. She has so many questions and LOVES learning. We were blessed to be able to find her pareja Fernando too. We had Yanina help us teach him. Totes a future missionary :) She was a Catequista (they teach kids and help them prepare to take the first communion) and learns so well. And absorbs everything! Fernando prayed again! Yay! He didn´t believe in God. There is some serious progress eh? :)

This week I had a small experience that made me really think. This week we were knocking doors on a freezing Saturday morning (everyone was sleepin...) and weren´t so excited to see to missionaries at their doorstep. But there was one lady in particular that saw us and immediately shut the door as she shouted "Don´t you all have something better to do..."  In that cold morning full of rejection... her words... repeated in my head.... "Do I have something better to be doing?" "What am I really doing here?" I meditated for a while and then a feeling of peace came over me. I realized that not only is what i´m doing important... it IS THEE most important I could be doing. We are literally instruments in the hands of God to help in his glorious work to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man..." Tell me something that is more important than that? As it says in preach my gospel...
"There is no other work more important than this, no other that brings greater satisfaction..." 

This is truly the most important thing I could be doing..... as it says in D&C 15:6..."I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the MOST worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father."
This IS the thing of MOST worth. Even though not all the people we come into contact with recognize it. I do. I know it. Through it all. I know that this is what I need to be doing. :) 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 My comp has the best hair... hahaha..... :)

I decided to tame her mane on p-day :)

 American Brownies... Yes.
 Nancy and Rosa. Member missionary work is the best :)

  Rosa. :) I know that someday she is going to accept the gospel. I love her to pieces :)
Hermana Quirina. The cutest and most faithful member eva! She found the gospel after she lost her 4 year old son to an infection, and her husband in an accident at age 30. Such a trooper :)

 A day with Hermana Goates.

 Baptism :)

 Cristina, Amira, and Us at the baptism :)

 Hermana Zanni! (Stake President´s wife of the other stake) We are buds :)

 Hermana Streadbeck and I with our bud Mirta! :)
 I love them :)

Hermana Duran (Relief Society President) :) She's the bomb. 

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