Monday, August 3, 2015

En Fin.... "I am Happy"

Hola Amigos :)
What a week!

Our good friend Cristina is doing well :) We had a lesson this week with Hermana Duran our relief society president and they get along super well! They started talking like they had been friends for years. Sometimes I just think about the fact that people let complete strangers into their home and that instantly there is a connection and they are willing to share with us some of their deepest experiences and feelings with complete strangers; that in itself is one of the daily little miracles on the mission :) 

This week we gave Rosa a tour of the church and the spirit was really strong. Nancy our less active friend (who now is not so inactive... YES) came with us and I think she almost benefited more than Rosa. The church really is a sacred place. It is still hard for Rosa to leave her Catholic traditions. We'll see what happens.

Yanina... (our miracle a couple weeks ago... she was the last knock after a difficult day) is doing great things. Yesterday we mustered up all our courage and asked her rough pareja to listen.... and although it was rough at first, we put baptismal dates, they accepted and he offered the last prayer. We were real happy :) 

We love Yanina so much. She has so much energy all the time. She has a shirt she always wears with three giant exclamation points... so fitting. Despite the fact that she is going through a really hard time right now, she is always positive... we taught her ...."En fin (in the end).... I am happy". Hermana Avalos and I say it all the time. And now she always says it in a spanish accent... she tells us about her difficulties and then says... "en fin.... I ann happy..." haha. I love that.  Because it´s the end of every difficulty... every hard day... every situation that we could possiby find ourselves... there is always happiness. There are really hard days on the mission, and lots of discouragement.... but 
En fin... I am happy....
I feel so blessed, to be a missionary, to have this beautiful gospel, to be healthy, to have the world's best family and to be alive. :) 
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson


Laundry Day :)

Bishop Giudice :)

Our dog we rescued :) He followed us all the way home from church, and our neighbor took him in haha. Everytime we leave in the morning he cries haha :) 

The Acerbi family, leaving our ward... So sad :( 
 Amalia.... I love this crazy woman... 

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