Monday, February 23, 2015

Much is Given.... MUCH is Required...


Another stellar week has come and gone. Seriously time is flying!

This week another finding miracle happened. Tuesday was a holdiay here (again...seriously... they know how to party..) and there were no buses for our district to be able to have District Meeting, so it got canceled, we went out and were just knocking some doors and found Rosa! She was only home because of the Holiday... Apparently we had already talked to her, but I totally forgot; she forgave me, and she said that she wanted to come to church with her kids (they totally didn`t come, but there`s definitely still hope:) She rocks. 

We were teaching one of our investigators, Maricela, about the Book of Mormon and it really made her think. She told us she truly feels like Joseph Smith. She told us with tears in her eyes that she feels confused and she wants to find out where she belongs and wants the best for her four girls. We told her that the Book of Mormon is the test. To read it. Ponder it. And then pray with her whole heart to know if it is true! She`s gonna do it, I know it :) 

We had a lesson with Silvana this week and we got talking about how she feels like she is putting off getting married for some reason but doesn`t know why she is waiting. We told her that NOW is the time to act and that all the things that have happened aren`t coincidences... She told us she`s going to "sacar turno" for marriage this week! We made her set an Alarm... haha :) I love that family and truly just want the best for them! 

This Friday Andy was baptized! He overcame his fear of water! It was so funny though, because Brother Moltò practically drowned him...he was in and out so fast. Boom. Baptized. Because he said he could feel him starting to shake. The important thing is that he is Baptized. It was so happy! He has been waiting so long :) 

This Sunday we had a fun little surprise. President and Hermana Goates came to our branch. I was stoked because I got to hear them speak again for the second Sunday in a row. Hermana Goates made a comparison that I LOVED. She talked about how it's common for fathers to work to establish a successful company with the intention to leave it to their sons. They put all their effort and energy into developing a successful company to leave the legacy and give all they have to their sons. But they want to see first that their sons are responsible enough to handle it. They might have them come and work with them, and train them, test them to see if they are willing to put in the work required to receive this grand inheritance. 

Our Heavenly Father is the same. He wants to give us ALL he has, but FIRST. He needs to see that we really want it. That we are ready. It reminded me of the scripture in D&C 82:3 "For of him unto much is given...much is required..." He truly has SO much to give us, even all he has, but he requires our effort, our true and sincere desire to show that we are willing to do what it takes that we are READY to receive all he has. It`s not a little here a little there, but ALL we have... this is eternal life we are talking about, it requires some effort :)
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Asado P-Day at the Lake :) 
 A day at the lake with our amiga Dayana! :)
 Andy`s Baptism! 
 Our "little Brothers" :) I love these boys so much!
Best Buds. I`m so excited for them to just be best friends and grow up in the gospel together! Such a happy thing :)

Alan... with President Goates. This kid is going to do great things :) Even President Goates Recognizes it!

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Rescue

What a stellar week!
I love looking back on every week and realizing all the little miracles that are proof that this IS the Lord`s work. This week we had some stellar blessings :) 

We found two families! I absolutely LOVE finding families and teaching them about the oh so special plan their Heavenly Father has for them. One we found while knocking doors, the girl seemed super interested and said we could come back. So we came back and then her mom was there and we learned that the dad passed away two years ago. Another one we had talked to her daughter like 2 months ago and she was never home, and FINALLY the Mom answered the door and said we could come back. We learned that her 25 yr old son had passed away 2 years ago and that she always wondered if there was something beyond this life. Wow. What a blessing to share with them the perfect plan of hope our Heavenly Father has for them! I really get so excited about the Plan of Salvation. Never in my life have I realized how exactly perfect and special it is, and had such a strong testimony of it :) 

One of our less actives this week was acting a little strange and wouldn`t answer us (she ALWAYS answers, she loves us :) And we were worried, we felt we needed to pass by and visit her and wow, she needed us. She was suffering, and truly needed us. This week was district Conference and the messages were amazing and so inspirted! Pres. Acosta shared an experience that reminded me of our dear Less Active friend. A story about Chile when the earthquake hit. He said there were 33 people missing and when they finally got ahold of them they asked 3 simple questions:
1.     Are there injuries?
2.     Where are you?
3.     And how many are you?
He talked about the missing people among the church.... YES there are injuries of all types and levels of damage, they are all around us, sometimes the sister that is sitting right next to us at church, as we think who was missing at church today...who is suffering HOW can we help them? How many.... COUNTLESS.... literally we are surrounded by people who need our rescue! Our testimony, our strengths! That`s the purpose of the gospel no? It`s so funny, but one of the things I get most excited about is being able to be a visiting teacher when I get home. What a sacred and special opportunity it is. I didn`t realize the SERIOUS importance and sacredness of Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching until the Mission. It is truly an opportunity to rescue... and we too will be rescued in the process. :)
The gospel is perfect. That`s all :)   
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 I completed SIX months this week! Say what? Where does time go...

 No better way to celebrate with a Kilo of Grido..... Yikes (diet starts tomorrow)

 I LOVE this family! And their Asado.... SO bomb.

What a special treat to spend some quality time with Hermana Goates :)