Monday, February 9, 2015

The Catalyst of Obedience

This week flew... time is flying! This week I complete 6 months in the mission! What? I don`t believe it! I can`t believe how much has happened in these past six months and the person I have become. I of course have so much to improve but am so grateful for all I have been able to experience! 

This week Andy... one of our cute little investigators who is 10 has the date for the 20th of February! He was afraid of the water and was almost baptized but got scared, but this time for sure :) 

I know I talk about Alan so much, but its just because he is so amazing, and I continue to see his influence every single week! This week we went to visit his Grandma who is inactive. She told us that she had been attending another church for a while, but when she goes she feels like something is missing. When she went to Alan`s baptism she said she remembered the unique reverence and feeling in our church, it helped her recognize what was missing. She wants to come back but she isn`t married, and is living with her boyfriend... (what`s new haha). She has the desire so strongly to come back but he doesn`t want to get married. He sees marriage as just a paper. So sad. We explained to him that even if he can`t see the value of being legally married, it`s the element of obedience. That he WANTS to be obedient to the Lord in even the small things... 

This week I have been thinking a lot about obedience. Started with a dumb accident I had this week. We were on exchanges and Hna Blair and I decided to try to make an Argentine pastry... all was well... until we had to start the oven. Hna Guzman had always done it so I didn`t know how. Hna Bentley said she had seen latins use a paper towel and suggested we try that.. I wasn`t so sure but said eh... didn`t work. And she dropped it. It was only halfway on fire so I took it to the sink (in attempt to save the pension..hahaha) and on the way the whole paper caught on fire and burned my hand real bad. I thought about obedience and how at first it was just a little bit of fire (a little bit of disobedience), and seemed harmless... but as I had it in my hand and wouldn`t drop it (which was clearly the smart thing to do, our floor is tile) the fire grew and burned me real good, and had a quick little trip to the doctors. I thought about my stupid mistake and how I KNEW I was being burned and didn`t drop it. In life we KNOW what is burning us, yet we don`t drop it still. A little cheesy... but it would all have been in vain if I didn`t come out of it with a gospel lesson right? :)

This week we had the opportunity to go to Mendoza and hear Elder Gonzales (our area 70). He talked a lot about obedience too. He said that We are truly made of divine material to become like our Heavenly Father and inherit all he has, but it is our obedience that turns that material into something marvelous.  We truly have all the materials to become like him... but that means nothing unless we do something with them. Obedience is the CATALYST that turns our divine materials into divine beings that are truly like our Heavenly Father. Obedience is happiness. Our quality of life depends on our quality of obedience. I know that if I can learn obedience here in the mission I will be able to live an obedient life... a HAPPY life :) 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 What a night. Haha. A burned hand and STILL no Pasta Flora :)

Lomo Saltado with the district. I LOVE having Peruvians in my district!

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