Monday, March 30, 2015

The Seed of Perfection...

What a week! A week of Miracles! Like always :) There are ALWAYS miracles in this work eh?

This week I have really learned the importance of members in missionary work. I have LOVED seeing how this ward is truly dedicated to the work. They are so willing to help. This week we had the Sesma Family (converts of 1 year, just got sealed, they are golden.. anyways) come with us to visit Miriam and Valeria who are preparing to be baptized, their testimonies of how the gospel has completely changed their life were SO key. I loved seeing how Miriam and Valeria were influenced by their special testimonies! And the best part.... Hermana Sesma brought them to the General Womens Conference Saturday! So happy :)

Another member miracle this week was with our good friend Jesica, she told us about a friend that she had been talking to about the gospel and gave us her information, the next day we went together to contact her. Wow. She truly needs the gospel in her life (don`t we all haha), as she was explaining how she feels... empty... lonely... without purpose... failure as a mom....etc... I kept thinking the gospel is literally perfect... and truly fills every single need that we could possibly have. 

Fun little finding miracle.... when we first got to San Juan we were talking to people in the streets, and wrote down a Lady`s name to go visit her later, we kept having her name in our mind but never had time to go visit her... then one morning this week we were walking to another appointment and 

I LOVED the General Womens Conference Saturday! I LOVED the base of families. The gospel truly is a plan for the Family no? It made me think a lot of what I need to do now to help my future family. There was one sentence in particular that was in one the the videos that really hit me.... "Each one of us has the seed of perfection". One of the greatest lessons I have learned on the mission is that we can`t be perfect... but yes we can become perfected in him. We truly do have the ability to become perfect... just requires a little patience...  "Wherefore continue in patience until ye are perfected (D&C 67:13)...  Yea come unto Christ and be perfected in Him...(Moroni 10:32)"

I truly am grateful for the knowledge I have that I have that little seed inside of me that little part of HIM and his perfection...  and that thanks to Him and that he LIVES and loves me I can water that seed a little more every day and become perfected in Him. I love this time of year, Easter, remembering Him and all that is possible thanks to His sacrifice and the fact that He Lives. If you haven`t seen this new video... go look it up! It`s incredible! 

Also... So excited for conference! And on Easter? What a blessing :)
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Mi hija`s first Reunion de Distrito :) 

 Rain? In San Juan? What? Prayers answered, we WILL have water, YES :) #blessed

 Rain TWO days in a row :) Jesica... our amiga, her testimony so powerful!

 Mi hija`s first month in the mission.... wow.... I feel so old (in the mission haha). Where did the time go? 

 Mirta... what a champ... she accompanies us 3 times a week :) Might as well just live with us haha :)