Monday, March 16, 2015

A Holy Calling...

Wow...This has been quite the week....
First things first.... It was SO sad to leave Tunuyán... I LOVE Valle de Uco...  It´s amazing how much you can come to love people in 3 short months... (which FLEW). I learned so much in that little town, and truly learned to come to love the people.. It was so hard to say goodbye! ´Bout killed me to say goodbye to Alan... the cutest kid ever. When he found out I was leaving he didn´t go to school and changed his birthday party to a time when we could come. He kept saying what Angel missionaries Heavenly Father sent. That kid has truly shown me the meaning of the "Power of One". He is incredible and has completely changed the lives of his family and so many members. What a stud. :) 

Hermana Guzman and I were blessed with one last miracle together in our last lesson, the night before I left. We had a lesson with Rosa and explained the Restoration, she was SUPER attentive, and the spirit was so strong. We talked about prayer and how Joseph´s Smith´s prayers were answered. She said... "I know he hears me too... he´ll tell me what to do..." We unplannedly (don´t know if that's a word... my English is on the struggle bus) ... extended the Baptism invitation... and she accepted... She was so happy. She told us that we were like family... and ever since she met us she feels like the light has entered her life. Wow. We were so happy. So sad I won´t be there for her baptism. But she is in GOOD hands with Hermana Guzman. 

The best part of the week.... I got my daughter :)
Hermana Garrido... from CHILE! She is so adorable. So humble and patient... She definitely has had to have more patience with me this week. I´m a mess! Haha.. Washing an area is real hard. San Juan is super pretty... and SUPER hot. And also very new for me, and my poor companion. It´s very city... And let´s just say.. the map is GLUED to my hand always, I couldn´t look more greenga. And I just pray every time I get on a bus that I don´t end up in a different country or something. It´s definitely a learning experience. These past couple days have been REAL rough and I have had to truly learn to rely on the Lord. So many times I literally have NO idea where to go and NO idea what to do... but I know that I am growing in ways I can´t even imagine... "There is no growing in a comfort zone.. and no comfort in a growing zone"  I´m for sursies in a growing zone. I am however so grateful for the opportunity to be here. The ward is incredible. The members came up to US and asked us when they could come with us to lessons... say what? They are amazing. 

We had a cool little miracle. We were trying to contact some Antiguo investigators, we talked to the daughter and she told us that her mom had passed away. We asked if we could share a message with her, and she rejected us a couple of times, but I felt like I needed to be persistent... and finally she started crying and said... "Alright... I´m missing something in my life..." And then we gave her a big ol hug. Poor Lady, she is passing through so many trials. But Heavenly Father led us to her. No doubt. 

This week I am learning to trust in the sacred calling I have as a missionary. I feel SO incapable and inadequate, but as I remember who I represent... and who called me... I remember that I can do it. He believes in me. "God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto his people..." Alma 29:13. Here´s to a week of Learning! Pray for me :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 The most BOMB district eva! So sad to leave!

 The end of Tunuyán con la Guzmán.

 Andy... mi hermanito... 

 My Favorite 8 year old is now my favorite 9 year old :) 

 My family in Tunuyan...The Monasterio Fam! I adore them. 

 This kid. Has changed my life. He´s gonna be a stud of a missionary.

 The cutest little car... I barely fit. I love the little Argentine cars... they have so much Character...

 Hermana Lila Pinto... my example of Humility :) Love her.

 Familia Arias!

 Familia Moltó. Our parents... Always takin care of us :)

 Dayana... and her new baby.. :) 

Familia Gatica!

 Carmen... haha Cracks me up. She´s a little crazy :) She never let us pass her house without calling us over. 

 Rosa.... What a miracle :) She´s gonna be a stellar member!

 Meet mi HIJA :) Hermana Garrido!

 Our first lunch in our adorable Pension :)

Mi Chilean Hija :)

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