Monday, February 2, 2015

Baptized "Real good" :)

Such a happy week!

Yesterday Alan was finally baptized. He has been waiting so long for this day. Watching his testimony grow and seeing how his light and faith has strengthened the testimonies of his parents, mine and Hermana Guzman`s and literally the entire branch. As I look back on the last month or so… It was all him from day one. Him who begged his mom to find the missionaries and tell them he wanted to be baptized, and then HIM who assisted week after week by himself until finally he got his parents to come, HIM who helped his mom understand the scriptures, and HIM who acted on what he knew was true and made the decision to be baptized. His baptism was so amazing. He was baptized 4 times, because there wasn`t enough water, and his toes kept coming up. But he was a champ and finally got it.  Afterwards he said “Now I'm baptized real good..”  Haha. What an amazing 8 year old. I have loved seeing the influence his example has had on the branch, his family, and my life! I have no doubt he will live a life dedicated to the Savior. His example will continue to change lives!

This week while reading in Mosiah I found this scripture I love “Knoweth  that ye are eternally indebted to your Heavenly Father, to render him all that you have and are” I feel like one of the biggest temptations on a mission is to think... "Eh...I'm doing good enough.... anything I do is better than if I hadn`t come on mission at all eh? I feel like I`m working hard enough..." But that isn`t giving ALL we are. I love that: giving him all we HAVE and all that we ARE. He has given us talents to bless the lives of these people and expects us to use them, and dedicate it ALL to him. 

I LOVE this gospel and this work. It truly is perfect. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for letting me be a part of this Happiness and for the opportunity to help others find this Happiness too:)
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Alan with his new scriptures and his handsome tie we picked out. What a stud :)

 I love this kid so much :) 

 The Monasterio Family!

 We LOVE Alan :)

 P-Day as a district :) 

  Cute little lake with my comp :)

 My first Asado.... (in 5 whole months of the mission, what a shame) So yummy!

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