Monday, July 27, 2015

The Need to Testify...

This week FLEW. They always do... 
Especially when they are so stellar like this week :)

We had a precious lesson with Ester, our investigator that is learning how to read, We had left her the pamphlet of the Restoration and told her that she could look at the pictures and try to start reading it. When we got there she had the book sitting on the table and told us she had been studying....  we asked her to share.. humbly she said..."Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial..." So cute. I loved seeing her effort :) Effort is key.

This week we went to visit Rosa with a less active (Cesar´s mom Nancy, we are helping him prepare to be baptized) It was such a powerful lesson. Nancy shared her testimony and brought the spirit so strongly. Afterwards she told us that it felt SO good to testify, she said...
"Sometimes... one just needs to testify to be able to remember what you already know..." So powerful. A Testimony is a spiritual gift, if we don´t use it we lose it. And if we don´t share it we are just selfish...  
I love watching her family change, and help others along the way. Cesar is learning so well, because of the dedication of his mom. Mom´s truly are the best teachers. :)

This week we decided to visit our good old friend Alicia... (who told us she needed some time, we used the good ol´ "we were in the neighborhood and needed a bathroom" excuse...) We had thought about sharing about family history. Then we asked her how she was doing and told us that she had just been looking through old family photos, and sharing family stories with her cousins. We talked to her a little about the temple and how we can help our ancestors, and in the end she ended up giving us the names of her brothers and Dad´s names, so we can help her give them that chance. :) So precious.

The biggest miracle this week was an ALB (a street contact) named Cristina Luz (all week I had the hymn.. Divina Luz stuck in my head hahaha)  Anyways... we knocked on her door on her birthday (quite the birthday present hahaha :) And she said we could come back. When we came back it was like she had been waiting for us to come back. She is so precious. Her life is a literal miracle. We asked her how she has felt God´s love in her life and she told us that when she was four she had an accident and was in a coma for a month, and the last day when they were about to pull the cord, she miracously opened her eyes. Wow. She has a strong testimony of our Heavenly Father´s love. 

We invited her to come to church.... and SHE CAME :) Yay. The members all treated her so well. She enjoyed it. Our bishop pulled us aside to chat with her for a minute.. .introduce himself. And he was explaining how the church really helps us and that its a hospital for the sick and that whatever she is looking for she can find here. And her response was so inspiring... she said..."Many times in my life I have been in bad situations... and really needed help, he has always helped me... right now, I feel good.. more than anything I am looking to give thanks, give back to Him..." I thought about that and it really hit me... what a BLESSING we have to be able to have the church that helps us SERVE Him. :)

I love being a missionary. There are good times, there are hard times, and there are REALLY hard times, but at the end of everyday I am always thankful to be here serving my Heavenly Father as a representative of Jesus Christ :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

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