Tuesday, January 6, 2015

COME Unto Christ

HAPPY 2015! I hope everyone had a stellar New Years! 
Life is swell. It is plenty hot here, but I am eating plenty of peaches (there are SO many here) to beat the heat :) 

This week we had a cool finding experience. We have been trying to be exact in our obedience, and we left EXACTLY on time. And because we left exactly on time, we finished our first lesson just in time to talk to Carmen. We were crossing the street and she said Hi like she knew us, (we thought maybe we did) so we talked to her and she invited us to come visit her in THAT moment. Obedience brings blessings.

This week flew! Selene, our progressing investigator read like 40 Chapters of the Book of Mormon in one week. That was a happy thing. I love watching her progress. Alan, who is 8 (the son of a less active and non member) He`s so excited to be baptized. He literally is the perfect 8yr old, he is such an example for his parents. At the end of our lesson he chanted "un ratito mas... un ratito mas..." (he wanted to talk forever) Then we asked when we could meet with them again, and he said TOMORROW. Such a stud. He is the glue for his family, he`s what is going to bring them together! 

As the new year came, and we had to stay in our pension :(, my companion and I were talking about all our goals, and I felt so overwhelmed with all the goals I have, I just want to do everything and become everything. She brought up a point that made me realize how simple it really is. Every day we either come closer or distance ourselves from Christ. The real goal is to be able to say at the end of every day that we have become closer to Christ, even if it is just a little. Hermana Goates brought up a good point of the difference between GO to Christ and COME to Christ. When we say COME... it means we are close to Christ. How can we invite people to come unto Christ if we are far away from Him? We can`t. That is my goal for this year to take Moroni`s invitation (Moroni 10:32) to "Come unto Christ & be perfected in Him". 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Our plant (Child) fell in our neighbors courtyard, they weren`t home...so Hermana Guzman went to rescue it, with a bed sheet.... dedicated mother.

 Got to spend some time with these stellar Hermanas, while our comps were in training. Love them!  

 District New Years!

 First picture of 2015 (It was supposed to be 15... haha)

 (New Year’s Eve) SPARKLERS.

 Our dearest amiga Dayana, so fun to spend Thanksgiving (New Year's) with her!

New Years Eve! (felt more like Thanksgiving)

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