Friday, December 4, 2015

See What God Has Done...

Hola Amigos :)
I hope everyone had a stellar thanksgiving! I absolutely love thanksgiving! Whenever we take a minute to count our blessings we truly see how Heavenly Father completely guides, and blesses our lives. I LOVE the hymn... "Count your many blessings see what God has done..." As I took a minute to truly thank Heavenly Father for all my many blessings, I truly realized that he has completely guided my life and truly answered my prayers, sometimes it just takes a little bit of sincere gratitude to recognize it :) 

This week in our lesson with Zoe... So adorable... We were talking about baptism and she told us about how she really wants to receive an answer to really know if the church is true. She truly understands how important baptism is and what a sacred covenant it is. We helped her realize all the ways the Lord answers our prayers. That it is usually through our thoughts and feelings. We asked her how she feels when she goes to church... and she said she feels peace and that its absolutely beautiful. :) She´s on her way to recognizing her answer :)

This week when we visited the Stampononi  (this week we realized that its Stampononi not ´E¨stampononi... its just that no one here can pronounce words with S at the beginning with out putting E in front haha so funny). Anyways... they are doing really good... like family prayers EVERY night kind of good :) Daniela was telling me that she always sees Esteban grab the Book of Mormon and take it to his room and just reads and reads. Wow. She also said that he reads to her as they drink Mate... Adorable. 

Enrique and Norma are also making lots of progress! They both came to church yesterday.. .Enrique even wore a tie... (that´s lots of progress). Also we talked about the steps they need to take to make it to baptism... Enrique has to finish his divorce from over 40 years ago.... and they have to get married... yikes... but... they both were excited to get going! We put a date for January 2nd! :) They are so funny! Also... they came to our Noche de Talentos and LOVED it.

A cool little miracle this week... It was POURING rain... (the streets turning into rivers pouring..) and we ran to catch the bus... when I realized I didn´t have my agenda which had my/our buss pass... the bus was EMPTY but two girls that we asked to pass their cards and we would give them the money... they passed their cards and then we realized we had zero change... we were so embarrassed... but then we promised them that we would come by their house and bring them each the 5 pesos...  so we did :) They were shocked... and as we visited them and their families we realized that BOTH of their moms are less actives that we have never met! We set up an appointment with both families! Wow. So cool. All for losing my planner :) I LOVE being a missionary. 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Our skit for La Noche De Talentos :)
 Zoe :) She danced with the Primary and was a rockstar!

Norma and Enrique en la Show de Talentos :)

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