Monday, October 13, 2014

Planting Seeds!

Hola! Time is FLYING!
Today... is exactly 2 months! 
Somedays I feel like I just left and others I feel like I was never home. It´s the weirdest feeling!

This week was such a good one, there are always challenges but I had some stellar experiences this week! This week I had my very first ever zone conference! Four other Hermanas came to stay with us for a night (it was real cozy haha). It was such a good experience to get to know them all! Sometimes I forget there are other missionaries in our mission because Malargüe is so small! Also... for my very first Zone Conference I was asked to give a talk. Guess they pick on the new kids. But I actually was really grateful in the end! I talked about Charity. As I was reading in the Book of Mormon I remembered the example of Ammon, Aaron and King Lamoni! In Ch. 20 Ammon shows pure love and charity and the King truly notices: 

"And when he saw that Ammon had no desire to destroy him, and when he also saw the great love he had for his son Lamoni... he was astonished " 

and then later in Ch. 22 he acts on that astonishment. 

" Arise, for I will grant unto you your lives, and I will suffer not that ye shall be my servants, but I insist that ye shall administer unto me, for I have been somewhat troubled in my mind because of the generosity and the greatness of the words of thy brother Ammon" 

I LOVE this example. Ammon planted the seed with Love and Charity, and later Aaron was able to see that change in the heart of King Lamoni. Sometimes the people aren´t so excited to hear from us about the gospel, and sometimes we feel like we aren´t doing anything because no one wants to listen... but... I know that if we are always demonstrating Charity and Love to EVERYONE eventually they will be able to see the pure love of Christ in us, and hopefully have the desire to come unto Christ. Sometimes all we can do is plant seeds, with love, with a smile, service, and a sincere desire to help and love the people!

Also this week we had interviews with the President and as I was telling him how sometimes it´s so hard because I feel like I´m not progressing he told me about one time that he planted trees in his front yard. He said after a couple months he was SO frustrated because as he looked out his window he saw that the trees weren´t growing... then one day... he went out and looked at them and as he looked at the trunk, it had grown immensely!! He just couldn´t see it! That is such a great lesson! Sometimes we just need to take a different angle and look at the progress we truly have made! How profound. Future General authority. Callin' it. 

The work this week was a little tough. Starting with one day we were walking in the streets and my comp fell into one of those rain gutter things (they are everywhere here), it was missing a plank and was the perfect space for her little foot to slip right in. It was so sad! Good thing my arms were giant enough to rescue her shoe. Anyways... we have been teaching lots of different people and seeing some progress but continue to pray for them daily! Last night we found this family outside and they invited us right in without us even asking. The dad told us about how he is addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and wants to change. As we talked with them about the blessings of the gospel they had tears in their eyes and were more than willing to have us come back. As we were talking to them I seriously was just exploding from the inside with the desire to help them! I LOVE this work and know that the Lord really does prepare people! Hopefully they can progress! I LOVE being here and helping the people of Argentina! 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Hermanas de "Zone Alvea"

 Our entire zone!

 We LOVE the fruits and vegetables here! :)

 The Story of my life... hahahahaha :) (horrible quality... but pretty much says... we´re catholic, if you´re mormon or jehovas witness... go away) haha

Malargüe is SO beautiful!

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