Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year :)

Hola Amigos!!!
Where did 2015 go?!?! 
As I look back on 2015 I feel so full of gratitude for every single experience I have had and for every person I have met. It is a year that I will never forget... and ENTIRE year serving my Heavenly Father as one of His missionaries. I think that makes for a pretty unforgettable year! The year of the Lord :) Even though this year will be "just a bit" different, I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for me :) 

So much has happened... especially with the fact that this email is for TWO weeks! Because instead of losing two days of work for the holidays... those were our P-Days and so we didn`t have the chance to email because everything was closed. So many miracles, and happy things... I`m not even going to try and be organized i`m just going to write bulletts of all that happened in these two weeks! Hopefully I don`t forget anything!
· We had a wonderful Christmas! Here they celebrate Christmas more on Christmas Eve! We had dinner with the Ferrara Family (who live underneath us) it was quite the feast! Matambre, Asado, Chorizo, Miga Sandwiches, and Lechon... a full blown pig :) And then on Christmas day we had P-Day and then got to work! We had a cool experience, we were walking down the street... (it was empty) and out of nowhere heard someone practicing the piano... so we went to talk to them, and at first he didn`t want to even open the window and then eventually with a little talking... he showed us the songs he knew and then.... his mom came out and started singing opera with him... Cool :) They gave us their info to pass by another day. A pretty cool Christmas if I do say so myself :) 
· Our good friend Sara...Good news and bad news... the Good news is that she has made so many changes in her life. She wants to be baptized so bad She is already working on Personal Progress and loving it. Every lesson we just find out something else that she has changed. She quit smoking, drinking, and even... cut off her dreadlock she was growing haha :) We hadn`t even taught the Word of Wisdom... she is truly taking the initiative to change. She has so much will.. But... here`s the bad news. One day to the next .... they decided to move back to Neoquen... because her mom`s boyfriend is causing lots of problems. In the end it`s better for them. I know she`ll find the missionaries down there. 
· The Stampononi family are doing well... but yet struggling at the same time... we went to visit them and they hadn`t read or prayed in family for a couple days. They expressed how they just felt overwhelmed, and that they aren`t cut out for this. Luckily we could bring them some comfort. They`re gonna keep fighting :) Also... cute little Darel... he said that even when his family stopped reading and praying... he kept doing it... he truly loves the gospel :)
· And our Happiest Christmas Miracle.... Zoe was Baptized!!! Zoe was baptized the day after Christmas! She said that her baptism was her present to the Savior. In our last lesson before her baptism she humbly expressed her fears, through a couple tears, that she was afraid she wasn`t going to be able to follow through with her promise. We told her that she didn`t have to be perfect, just do her best, and that she wasn`t alone :) She was so prepared. Her baptism was beautiful! She was baptized with two of the Elders Investigators... it was truy a White Christmas. Funny story... during the baptism while we were waiting for them to change we played videos... and I put on a video and everyone just started staring at went on like a good 30 seconds before I realized it was in english... I didn`t even notice... it`s all the same to me now haha.Anyways... Her parents were so happy! It truly was a miracle!! And the best part... Nestor took part in her Confirmation! And yesterday.... her older brother came to church for the first time in 11 years as well. Little by little she is bringing her family back :) 
· Mario... is doing oh so well... Hasn`t missed a sunday since his baptism.. This week he finally got his glasses and he told us that the truth was that he didn`t really know how to read either. He wants us to help him. He said he has been practicing.. The first thing he does when we get to his house... is pull out his Book of Mormon. He has so much will :)
· We had TRANSFERS.... and... I will be finishing my mission in San Luis with Hermana Tuia :) YAY. 
Well!!! That`s all :) I love this gospel and I love bringing people the happiness and peace of these beautiful gospel truths! As I start my last transfer, and as time is really flying I thank my Heavenly Father for every day I have to be a missionary in Argentina :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Trip to Mendoza... with my buds :)

 Sleepover at President`s house!

Mission Christmas party! Making Gingerbread houses!


 Yearly BYU vs. USU pic with the President :)


 Hermana Blair :)

 My group!

 Hermana Goates :)

 My poly sistas :) 

 Hermana Sosa :)

 Christmas Eve lunch with los Romeros :)

 White Elephant!

 Christmas Eve dinner.... obviously.... Asado :)

 Choripan with Hermana Ferrara :) She`s the best.

 They take such good care of us :) 

 Lechon :) (pig)

 You know it`s a great Christmas when you have an entire pig... and Hermana Blair :) haha

Patrice & Estrella

 Christmas Sleepover :)

  The Christmas feast :)
 Just tryin' to find some quality shade.

 Zoe`s Baptism :)

 Zoe with her Parent`s Nestor and G

 I love this chica :)

 She wanted pancakes at her Baptism :) haha

 New Scriptures :)

Sleeping in the Kitchen (literally every night)... because... that`s where the AC is :)

 Last district lunch :

 Marisol... so "copada" with her Moto and all :)

 Our new wheels :)

 Marta, Sara, and Nair :) Gonna miss them so much!

 Saia and Sara... the two girls from the Bus :) Such a miracle!

 New Years with the Newbies :) So fun to have brand new sisters in our zone! Hermana Brown and Hermana Lee!

 Making Chicken empanadas on New Years :)

 Playing with Maicena :)

 A roundabout we always pass by that we have officially called "Little Samoa" nada que ver :) Pero bueno :)

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