Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christ"MAS" (more Christ)

What a week! 
Transfers were this week, and I am officially done with my training! It`s amazing how much you can learn and grow and truly grow to love people in just 12 weeks!  It was so hard to leave Malargüe. I love that little town and all the people in it. Sometimes you don`t realize how much you truly love the people until you have to say goodbye! I have loved being there with Hermana Magaña and will forever have a special place in my heart for her, Malargue, and all the "Malarguinos" :) 

Although it was real tough to leave Malargue, I am so excited to be here in Tunuyàn! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. All the streets are completely covered with trees (which.. is a blessing... because it is HOT) and when there aren`t trees... BOOM... The Andes mountains are literally so close I could touch em ;) Its beautiful. Also.. my new companion, Hermana Guzman, is amazing. Just in 4 days I have learned so much from her. I am so excited for this transfer and know that I am going to learn and grow so much! 

Tunuyàn has some people who are really prepared to hear the gospel. We have an investigator named Celeni and she is incredible. She is 15 and her mom is coming back to the church. Her dad passed away years ago, and she wants to be an eternal family. We extended the baptismal invitation.. and SHE ACCEPTED for the 10th of January. I am so excited to see her progress! 

We have also been teaching Alan. He is 8 years old and probably the biggest stud. He comes to church all by himself. His dad is a less active and his mom is not a member, but he wants to be baptized and he is determined. His mom is taking the discussions too and hopefully she will develop the strong desire to be baptized! Every time we bring up his baptism... he says.. "ooooh... que LINDO". He is adorable. If every 8 year old was like Alan.. we would be in good shape. 

I can`t believe Christmas is this week! It definitely doesn`t feel like it, maybe because its 88 degrees outside. Nonetheless I am so grateful for this unique Christmas that I have to represent my Savior. He is the reason for the season. I love the fact that "Christ"mas in english means MORE CHRIST in spanish. That`s what Christmas is all about... thinking more about Christ, acting more like Christ, and becoming more like Christ... A time to think about how we can have more of Christ and his light in our life. How we can more fully accept his gift to us. He is the gift of the season and I am so grateful to be spending this Christmas sharing "The Gift" with others that they too can have more Christ in their lives :) 

I LOVE you all and hope everyone has the merriest Christmas :) 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson


Hermana Irma! It has been such a blessing to teach her :)


The Chavez family! It was so hard to say goodbye to this incredible family! I know they are goin to continue to be so strong! What a blessing they have been! 

Chavez Chicas!

 The last supper. I don`t know how I was so blessed to be in such an incredible district! I have learned so much from every one of them (all six of us haha).

My first time trying Chivo (Goat) it was delicious :)

Chavez family with all three of us missionaries who were leaving.

The Diaz family! Love all these girls!

Just our everyday adventure... (testing my luck.... and coordination skills..) 

Hermana Magaña. Such a stellar missionary. I have been so blessed to be her companion.

I love my "Madre" (trainer) :)

 The most bomb missionaries in Malargüe

The Chavez Chicas. 

I LOVE Malargue :)

Malargue alumni :) 

I am SO grateful for the opportunity I had to spend some quality time with the World greatest senior missionaries (and coolest Aggies too). I love them like my own grandparents. (What champs.. seeing us off at 3 in the morning) 

Tunuyàn is so GREEN :)

Making cookies for the Christmas activity! (Isn`t my comp adorable?)

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