Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy General Conference! :)

Hola Amigos!
Happy General Conference AND Happy Easter :)
General Conference week is SUCH a treat as a missionary! Easter AND General Conference. Even better. What a stellar week.

Our investigators are doing well!  Valeria and her mom are getting excited to be baptized. Valeria is especially excited and LOVES reading the Book of Mormon, I love watching her fall in love with such a sacred book! Also, she came to General Conference… 2 sessions! Yay! And she loved it! I'm pretty sure if any human came to general conference and truly listened they would demand to be baptized. It's just that good. :)

We received a reference from a lady in a different ward whose cousin lives in our ward. We all went together the next day with the Elders to give her a blessing and meet her. She had been feeling REALLY down and was talking to her cousin. Her cousin had continually offered the gospel to her, but she said that this time it was different and she felt she needed to accept the offer. After the blessing she told us she felt a sense of peace. The Priesthood is absolutely real. She also attended a session of General Conference, and LOVED it.

I have ALWAYS loved conference, but as a missionary it is something SO special. I never before have realized how important it is to listen closely, and pay attention to every single talk. I was inspired as we were all sitting in the “gringo room” and a member walked in to listen with us. She has no arms. She sat down next to me, and I sat in awe as I watched her pull out her notebook and pen and start taking notes with her feet! I watched her as she listen diligently, taking notes with her FEET (her “feet” writing was super impressive) and thought… WOW… “This woman…  TRULY understands how important it is to come hear the prophet's voice.”

What a special, uplifting, spiritual experience it was to spend Easter Sunday listening to Christ's apostles testify of Him and give powerful witness and testimony that HE LIVES. As I listened to every apostle, one by one, give their special witness of Christ and his atonement, and this gospel, my testimony was so strengthened of the blessing we have to live under the direction of such inspired men. I KNOW that they are truly “Special witnesses of Christ” and Prophets of God :)

I loved analyzing conference and picking out what were the common things and what our Heavenly Father wants us to understand.  There was DEFINITELY a strong theme of family. I think even more as a missionary  I truly am beginning to understand that THAT is where Satan is attacking, it's truly the center of everything, the center of the gospel, and the center of HIS plan. I LOVED what L. Tom Perry said: “The older I get… the more and more I realize that family, is the center of life and the key to happiness what a wise man. I completely agree.  Family is truly the source of Happiness.  I could literally think of a MILLION quotes I absolutely loved from Conference…. But some of my favorites were….

· “ A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying…”
·  “Belief is NOT a passive principle, we choose to believe… or we CHOOSE to doubt.”
· “He understands what it is like to suffer innocently from consequences of the sins of others.”
· “ The service that counts the most… is usually recognized by God alone..”

I literally LOVED every single talk and am absolutely so excited to study them when they come out in Print. This gospel is absolutely SO perfect. I have no doubt in the happiness and peace I am preaching nor in the Man I am representing.  I LOVE this gospel, I LOVE my savior and am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice... and am SO thankful for a living Prophet and apostles who keep us real safe :)
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 We were in the park and a bunch of High School kids practically came and attacked us haha :) They love speaking "English" with us.

DK.... (A dam that is super pretty :)

Love these Hermanas :)
 My cute comp! Cool little arch :)

 We made it to the top. My poor comp, this was her first hiking experience EVER. And a rushed one too... trying to catch the bus. What a champ :)

 Love these Hermanas :)

Hermana Masoner... what a treat to serve together. Fellow aggie :)

 Mi hija`s first subway experience.. I was in heaven, it`s been to long. The bummer is they don`t take subway points haha ;)
Locos Latinos! WE LOVE CONFERENCE :)

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