Monday, May 4, 2015

No Greater GOOD than Motherhood :)

This week was a bit crazy! 
Visas in Mendoza, exchanges, and Argentine Labor day, and of course Boca and River played, (literally EVERYONE watches, walking through the streets it was completely empty, but we could see the light of the TV in every house, we always knew when someone scored because you could hear the simultaneous screams in all the houses. Oh Argentina. But it was a great opportunity to find and set up appointments because everyone was at home :) So that was a plus... 

This week we had exchanges and my companion stayed in our area, she was SO nervous to stay here and be in charge, but when I came back I could see her new found confidence, she led the area and taught so well. I absolutely LOVE watching her grow, watching her take on new challenges and overcome the things that are hard for her! Such a good daughter! She has a good grandma ;) (My mom is the best) 

Eliana our rocking investigator is doing well and continues to read and draw all sorts of crazy notes and pictures, she inspires me. Our investigator Alicia is also doing well, she is so funny and has such a spicy personality. I guess when Hermana Garrido went to visit her on exchanges, Alicia whipped out a page chuck full of questions. That`s good news :) The best way to learn is through questions. I`m ALL about questions. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about Mom`s (of course with Mother`s day coming up Sunday), and I have been reflecting on all I have learned about the importance of a good mom in the mission. I have seen example after example of moms whose influence have drastically changed the course of her children`s lives, some for better and some for worse. I am constantly reminded of how important the example and teachings of a mother are. When we teach a family and a mother is willing to apply the principles of the gospel and teach her family to follow the Savior, everything changes. It kills me to see cases where the influence of a righteous mother is lacking. I just want everyone to have the blessing of having a mom like I do. I can truly say that my mom has taught me to follow the Savior and has done everything in her power to help me return to my Heavenly Father. There is no way I could be here without the example of a faithful and righteous Mother, and every good I do and influence for better I have on others, comes from the influence my Mom has had on my life! It`s true that a mother`s influence is beyond calculation! 

  "There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation." -President Faust

HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY to all the stellar women that have influenced my life for the better, and especially to my sweet mom. All I am I owe to your patience, love, and example :) 
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Love this aggie :)
 The usual when you live in the meat eating capital of the world.
Aggie friends. And Hermana Harris.. (future aggie) Recruiting for the Lord, and of course the aggies. :) 

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