Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Perfectly Just... Perfectly Merciful

What a week :)
 This week we had some happy things :) Our investigator Elena and her son, who are trying to stop smoking, are making some great progress. The struggle of the cigarette is so real. I have never had so much resent for tabacco in my life. It takes over peoples lives. I feel so grateful for the Word of Wisdom and to be able to share the blessings with others. Nahuel (Elena´s son) has a really hard time being in groups of people and struggles socially but took all the courage he had to come with us to a FHE. And he LOVED it. I love seeing the slow but sure progress of people coming unto Christ :) 

Also... Mario. So precious. I seriously love teaching him. I have learned that humility is the key in learning. He is full of humility. But.... has his moments... JK... but something really funny he said this week. We were teaching him about prophets and showed him a picture of Thomas S. Monson and Hermana Lloyd after explaining how inspired the Prophet is, said... "..and He´s handsome too...." .... Mario thought for a second and said.... "Medio parecido a mi.... (looks kinda like me)" hahah we were dying. He´s got his own little character. But TRULY is full of humility :) Also the best part is that his wife is opening up a lot and participated in the lessons 2 times this week :) YAY. 

In every week there is happiness and success but always a little bit of rejection. This week there was a lot. Sometimes I just feel so frustrated that the people don´t accept the blessings and happiness of the gospel. Yesterday we were chatting with a lady and she went off explaining that the Book of Mormon is blasphemy. And a lot of other negative things. Hermana Lloyd and I felt a little frustrated. Sometimes as missionaries... walking away from rejection we make the mistake of thinking ...."Bueno... you had your chance... you´ll find out eventually... you´ll see...." but this week I realized that Heavenly Father is perfectly merciful and perfectly just... HE knows why they didn´t accept.. In some cases when they really do deny the spirit, I´m sure there will be some consequences... but who are we to try and understand the why. We haven´t been in their shoes... Christ has... that is why HE will be the one to judge. This week I found this quote in Jesus the Christ... I am in love with it.... 

"The inborn tendencies due to heredity, effect of environment whether conducive to good or evil, the wholesome teachings of youth, or the absence of good instruction, these and all other contributory elements must be taken into account in the rendering of a just verdict as to the souls guilt or innocence..."

and this part of Elder Packer´s last Conference talk.... 

 "God is our Father! All the love and generosity manifest in the ideal earthly father is magnified in Him who is our Father and our God beyond the capacity of the mortal mind to comprehend. His judgements are just; His mercy without limit; His power to compensate beyond any earthly comparison." -Elder Boyd K. Packer

What a blessing to truly understand how perfect our Heavenly Father really is. How perfect His plan is, and his judgement. For the moment we just have to love and love and love some more. Everyone is fighting their own fight :) I love being a missionary! 
Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Zone Meeting!

Exchanges with Hermana Bautista! Matching :) 
Tacos with our Sista friends in Amppya! 

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