Thursday, September 10, 2015

La Caridad

The weeks just keep on flyin!
This week we found lots of new investigators. I love finding weeks! It just gets better from there :) This week we have knocked so many doors and extended the invitation to just enter and say a prayer. So successful :) Because the people cannot deny that they feel something different. Whether they act on that feeling or not is up to them, but they really do feel it! A lady we found named Noemi said that she felt a different feeling of Peace, we have an appointment with her today, (and she´s married... yay.. bonus haha). 

Another girl we found, named Mayra (She´s 20), when we first talked to her she told us she didn´t really believe in God. But she let us teach her and say a prayer with her anyways. After the prayer we asked her how she felt and she said that she felt something she couldn´t explain, and as we started to explain more she said that her mind was full of so many question, answers, feelings, thoughts, etc. She told us she really wants to change her life.. and in the end.. said the last prayer. I love watching how in 30 minutes someone who "doesn´t believe in god" ends offering a kneeling prayer. Miracles.

Also.. we knocked a door and the lady didn´t seem too interested and my comp asked if she knew anyone that we could help. She sent us a couple houses down to a lady in a wheelchair. So we went to find her. We easily found her and her husband and two kids. They were so sweet. We offered a prayer and they all want us to return. Yay!

Favorite part of the week every week... Mario. Mi amigo! 
He is truly progressing so much. Every day. Slowly but surely, and TRULY. I love watching him really put forth effort to understand this gospel. This Sunday I asked him after church how he liked it, he said..."every time more and more.... " So precious. Also we were talking about Charity in Gospel Principles and the teacher asked if someone had an experience about when they served someone not expecting anything in return... and Mario thought a second and said... "one time I helped shave an old man..." So precious... and then at the end of the class the teacher asked if anyone had another comment.... and Mario said... ".....and now they have to help me shave..." I thought about that for a second. How adorable. We always see the blessings in return. "What goes around comes around :)" We never know when we will need the favor returned :) "Are we not all beggars?" 

Also... other blessing of the week.... we visited a couple less actives and 5 came!!! We were so happy! But the best was Marcos... he´s 17. This week we passed by to see if his mom was home and we started chatting with him about life and what his plans were. We starting sharing about the blessings of a mission and invited him to start doing the simple things again. And invited him to church. And... he CAME! It was so precious to see the bishops face when he saw Marcos.. It was like he was seeing his own son for the first time in years. That is a good bishop. He promised to come next week! Such joy.  I truly believe that if you can save a youth, you can save a generation. 

I love this gospel! I love being a missionary!

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

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