Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello September

Santa Vaca... (Holy Cow)
Time is FLYING! 
I am HALFWAY done with the MTC.

Seriously the weirdest feeling! I feel like I just got here. Time flies when you're serving the Lord eh?
This week has been amazing! Super busy but such a week of growth! We now are teaching 3 "Investigators". This week we got a new investigator named Jose. He is from Guatemala (so I automatically love him) and he is absolutely precious. He always tells us how much he loves us and gets tears in his eyes when he talks about his family. We are learning so much from him!

 We also got to teach TRC volunteers again! This week we taught a member named Brother Hodson. He's 78 and probably the funniest person I've ever met. He told us the same stories over and over. He told us about how his dad was a polygamist and that his step brother is Warren Jeffs, and that his mom married an Apostle. He changed his last name from Jeffs to Hodson.. I don't blame him. He kept telling us about a book he is writing called "Apostate or Apostle: Which One Should I Choose" he has one page. Good progress I'd say. I wish you could see his cute little scrunched face laugh every time he said something :) Oh what a gem.

This week I have learned that I constantly need to be working on the language. I was lucky to come with a decent background in Spanish.. but this week I feel like is the week that everyone has caught up to me and those two years in High School have officially become useless. :) haha. 

We also had some incredible devotionals. On Tuesday Don. R. Clark from the 70 came to speak. He is amazing. Earlier that day he spoke at the funeral of the sister missionary that just passed away in an automobile accident. Such a sad story. He is an amazing speaker. One thing I realized through his talk was how important the work I'm doing is. He said, "Somebody somewhere in your family was brought into the church by some missionary and now... your life is forever changed." 
I loved that! Missionary work isn't just about individuals... but GENERATIONS of happier people coming unto Christ. What a blessing I have to be a part of that. Another cool thing he did is he said, "Everyone who has a family member who is no longer active in the church, stand up." Pretty much the ENTIRE room stood up. What an eye opener that was. It's not just about getting people to Christ and in the church, but helping them stay there. Loved that. 

Fun things that happened this week: 1.)  My companion's half birthday was this week, and she got a package that day; she had asked for some things from home from her mom and was expecting them.. but to our surprise when we got to the mail room... she had a half cake waiting for her. hahaha. I was laughing so hard. That's just funny. 2.) I LOVE Brother Hartman my second counselor in my branch presidency and his wife we're so tight, and I always love chatting with them and this Tuesday we were chatting and I found out that... HE WROTE THE COLOR CODE! The personality book... like Red, Blue, White, and Yellow personalities. I literally love that book so much! I still can't believe it. It's so crazy. He's literally the coolest person ever. Just thought I'd share. 3.) This week we got to Host new missionaries! That was cool. They were all so excited. It made me remember that we should ALWAYS have that new missionary fire and motivation. 

Well...  I LOVE being here! I LOVE being a missionary! The church is so true! :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

Ambassador Friends (L to R) Sister Sasser, Sister Matagi, Sister Blair, Me)

All the girls in my district (Classic Map Pic)
 My stellar companion, Hermana Ellgen.

T'winning' at the temple with Hermana Harris. She's the best.

 Sister Miranda Calder! So fun seeing friends from college!

Elder Papke (I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell his name) Anyways.. he's one of the new freshman ambassadors... and he's just the best!

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