Monday, November 16, 2015

Absorbing Our Will

HOLA Amigos :)

This week I have been pretty sick. NO fun. But like I always say... it is always a blessing to realize what good health I have :) 

But aside from being sick... all was so well :) 
The Rivera family is adorable as always. This week we went to read a little with them. You know, get em all excited about the Book of Mormon. We read Alma 34, but didn`t have time to finish it and left them to finish it as a family. And when we came back the next time they said that they finished it that night after we left and stayed up discussing as a family for a good while. They loved it :) Nestor (the dad) is so motivated to help his whole family return. I Love it :)

We found an awesome family. The mom is less active and is all excited to come back, her husband (pareja... not married... sigh...) is more than willing to listen! This week he kneeled and offered the closing prayer. So happy :) They are an adorable family. Their 2 oldest boys are 8 and 9 and want to learn more, their names are Darel y Daret... talk about confusing haha :)

The Sanchez family is doing well. We definitely saw a miracle with them this week. We had set up an appointment and all was well, but then a couple hours before... they sent a message saying that they had decided to stay with the faith they had, and thanked us for all we had done for them. Hermana Lloyd and I surprisingly felt at peace when we saw the message and felt we should pass by anyways and see what was up. We did, and it was like she was waiting for us. They told us that they had a bunch of doubts and that they didn`t go to church because they didn`t have suits and a dress... and lots of silly little things. We answered their questions and they were excited again to learn more. And since then they are continuing to progress :) Such a miracle that we felt we should pass by!

We taught a less active this week named Ramon. And I loved the lesson, the spirit was so strong. We felt like we should focus on just faith. So we did. And it was like it just clicked. He`s been going through some tough times and kind of just gave up and decided to give in to anger. After we finished the lesson he started to teach us... and said.. "now I get it... I have to ask How not why..... I can`t just give up when things don`t go my way.... and I have to go to church every single sunday" :) That lesson reminded me of something I learned in my Book of Mormon reading this week in Mosiah 15 talking about Christ it says.... 

"Yea, even so he shall be led, crucified, and slain, the flesh becoming subject even unto death, the will of the son being swallowed up in the will of the Father."

I love reading the scriptures in Spanish because it always has something more to teach me, another angle... In spanish it changes the word swallowed up to absorbed when I think about something being absorbed... its not that that something just`s not generally an instant process but that with time it BECOMES part of the other substance. When we really have faith in Christ, in Heavenly Father.... our "will" slowly absorbs and turns in to their will. We realize that what they want IS what we want, and we completely trust in them. 
Every day... I realize more and more that Heavenly Father`s will is the best way :) 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

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