Monday, November 16, 2015

The Lord Qualifies the Called

HOLA Amigos :)
Another week... Another TRANSFER!!!
 I seriously can`t believe how fast time flies... Transfers are this week and I am STAYING in San Luis.....
 my new companion will be..........Hermana Tuia.... she is from SAMOA! 
Yes. The only Samoan sister in the mission... maybe in all of Argentina haha :) I`m so excited! Hermana Lloyd is going to Alvear... south part of Mendoza. I`m gonna miss her lots and lots. I feel so privileged to have been able to learn alongside her for these past 3 months. She is a stellar example of a dilligent, obedient, and dedicated missionary! 

We had a good last week together... :) Lots of miracles! We are teaching the Estampanoni Family (that`s a mouthful of a last name if I ever saw one haha) that the mom is less active and her pareja is SO open to the gospel, he read what we left him and is super receptive. So excited to see all the progress their family can make together!

A couple weeks ago we got a reference from a member of a lady that investigated the church for 3 years (that was 10 years ago) and never could get baptized because she and her pareja were living together, and he didn`t want to get married. She eventually gave up and quit going. Anyways... the member never gave us the exact direction but we had the name and the general area where she lived and decided to go hunt her down :) As we were walking we stopped and said "should we start knocking here?" Literally was the second house we tried. Such a miracle. She had just gotten back from a trip and had been traveling 30 hours... but was SO excited to see us. She let us come in anyways. And the best part... her Pareja.... decided to listen too, the one who didn`t want anything to do with the church before. We invited them to church... and they came :) Such a happy day!

Also... this week we went with Hermana Godoy to visit a less active and I was just blown away at the strength of her testimony. We were talking about trusting in the Lord`s plan for us and she told us about how when she was 18 she lived in Chile and her mom and her dad had both passed away and she and all of her siblings were split up with aunts and uncles. She went to go live with her Aunt in Argentina. She said that at that time she was just so frustrated and couldn`t understand why God would rip apart her family like that, she felt completely abandoned, a new country, and without any of her immediate family members. She explained that she just didn`t see what Heavenly Father had planned for her. She explained that she knew that she had to go through all that to be able to find the gospel and have the family she has today. Awe :) What a strong example. She is the perfect example of trusting in HIS timing and HIS plan for us. I`m just constantly surrounded by stellar people.

Mario is doing SWELL! This week we set the goal with him to go to the temple. He was so excited. He has a little cup with some coins and he is saving up to be able to go! We went on a hunt for his birth certificate to find his parents so that he can take their names to the temple in a month and do baptisms! Also... this week he came to church in a suit that a member gave him. He truly loves going to church :)

 Also... a cool thing happened this week. Lask week we got a new ward misison leader. Hermano Argañaraz... When they announced his name we were all shocked. He has been less active for over a year. Whenever we went to go visit him, he seemed a bit bitter and not so receptive. A couple years ago they had to amputate his leg due to diabetes. Anyways... we weren`t so sure how it would all work out, but trusted in the Bishop`s inspiration and direction he receives from the Lord.  And wow... this week.. he Came to church for the first time in over a year, went and visited Mario 3 times... and is just on a roll. I have no doubt that Heavenly Father qualifies the called and knows who needs what calling. He is going to help us a ton. :) Never ever give up on anyone :) What a blessing to know that our church leaders truly receive revelation from Heavenly Father, in every aspect. 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 District Pic :)

 Las Hermanas :) 

 Hermana Paulson.... Gonna miss my bud :/

 Our friend Laura Sanchez :)

 Is that not the coolest knitted hat you`ve ever seen? This is our friend Peti... haha :)

 Helping Mario with Family History... after digging a bit we finally found his birth certificate!

 Mario and Norma :)

 Norma and Enrique :)

 Family Home Evening with los Rivera :) Love them to pieces!

 Walked in to church... Mario was wearing a suit. A member had given him an old suit and the bishops wife cut his hair. We almost died. What a stud. He LOVES going to church.

 Hermana Paulson.... going home :( 

 San Luis is so pretty :)

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