Monday, November 2, 2015

What Matters Most

Hola Amigos :)
Lots of happy things. There are always happy things :)

Our new friend Agostina is so amazing, we found her last week and she is so excited to come closer to Christ. She always calls us her "Hermanas". This week as we were teaching about the restoration we realized we had to just go back a little and learn more about her, and what she really believed and needed. We could really open up her heart and hear her concerns and needs. She asked us a really profound question... she said "How do you guys feel, like all the time...?" As we thought about it for a second we said that we feel happy, with purpose in our life, even in the difficult moments we have an understanding of Heavenly Fathers plan and there is always hope... She said... "I`d like to feel like that." Awe. Sometimes we don`t realize that having the companionship of the Spirit really brings that purpose and meaning to our lives, a higher level of living, understanding. All of Heavenly Father`s children deserve to live like that. Also... as we left we asked her if she could offer the last prayer... of course she said yes.. and then she asked ... "Is there something I could ask for YOU GUYS in the prayer? Something YOU need? You always ask me that... So I thought I`d ask you..." Wow. First time in my whole mission someone has asked that question. So kind. :) 

This week we had a little service miracle! We found a lady walking in the street with her daughter and she said we could pass by the next day. She and her HUSBAND (hard to find married couples... ) were there and we got talking and found out they had to move that week and that they live far away from their family, and didn`t know how they were gonna do it all themselves. We offered to help them and ... WE DID. The ward was so supportive. A member brought his little truck and trailer, and lots of members showed up to help, including the bishop! And we pulled it off in 1 hour and a half... SO fast. "Many hands make light work eh?" They were so incredibly grateful. They couldn`t believe that so many strangers would be so willing to help them. They said thank you probably a million times. And the next day when we taught them they were SO receptive. They loved the message! :) They are a golden family! Service really is the best way to open hearts.

The Rivera family continues to grow. Every lesson someone new comes! Lucas, son of Graciella and Nestor, who is less active... showed up this time! Karen is his wife... who we are also teaching. He was so quiet but paid such good attention, and at the end offered such a humble prayer expressing his desires to help his family grow in the gospel. AH. So much work to do in this family. Also... Zoe continues to be the little cheerleader of the family.. Making everyone read and pray and go to church. This week she got her parents to sit down and read with her! Awe :)

We had SUCH a stellar week and then got to Sunday and it was still good... but... we were a little bummed... we were expecting 11 investigators and 6 Less actives that had committed to come to church... and .... not a single one showed up... We were a little disappointed.. and then it came time for Fast and Testimony meeting and we looked up and the first person making their way up (he can`t walk very easily) to the pulpit... Mario. He got up and bore such simple and pure testimony. Everyone felt the spirit so strongly. What an example. I realized that Heavenly Father has HIS timing and we just have to be grateful for all he has done and trust in all he WILL do. He truly has a testimony of the gospel.

 This week we were talking about what he needs to do to get to the temple. And Me... getting so excited like I do sometimes with a real long breath I said.."Mario... will you be faithful.. and keep all the commandments... and go to church every Sunday... and be good... until the very last day of your life?!?!" And he so simply looked at me and said.... "I made a commitment with the Lord didn`t I?" Like a duh. Of course. He really understands the promises he made at baptism. As Hermana Lloyd and I were talking we realized... maybe Mario doesn`t understand or remember everything perfectly... but all the TRULY important things... he completely understands and will never forget. He focuses on what he does know and doesn`t let his disabilites get in the way of the simple truths that matter most. It reminded me of Nephi... when he said... 

"I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."

Mario truly understands that. That we are God`s children. He understands what matters most :)
What a blessing to be a missionary and to truly get a grasp on what matters most :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 CONSEJO! Las Hermanas with Los Goates :)

 Los STL`s :)

 Trips to Mendoza! Our sweet ride... A literal bed. 

 My cool comp :)

 ZONA San Luis. Matchin Yellow in consejo :)

 District meeting!


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