Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Miracles :)

Hola Amigos :)
So many little miracles this week :)

1st Little Miracle... We went to visit a girl we had talked to about a month ago on the bus. Her name kept popping in our head, so we went to contact her. And she is 18 and just such a "with it" person. She LOVED meeting with us and wants us to come back :) She said the cutest humble prayer and prayed for us and our families.

2nd Little Miracle... Norma continues to be super open and loves the lessons. We read in the Book of Mormon together this week and she loved it and got super excited to help Mario understand it. Also Mario... So adorable... we were talking about how when we have the spirit we feel like praying and he said "I feel that I have the spirit because I just wanna pray ALL the time." We are still having a hard time getting Norma to go to church :( But she´ll get there! 

3rd Little Miracle... One afternoon this week all our appointments had fallen and everyone was lying to us and we felt a little bummed... so naturally... we were gonna go buy ourselves some tortitas and then go back at it. But on the way we randomly felt to knock one last door. And a lady opened... didn´t want anything to do with us... she told us she was mad at God... we asked if we could just share a scripture.. she let us in and we started to share our message and she felt lots better and... we set up another appointment.. YES. The miracle is always... the "One last door". :)

4th Little Miracle... We found a girl named Agostina and she didn´t seem super interested but said we could come back. We passed by and she didn´t have much time but we asked if we could say a prayer... she said... She didn´t know how to pray... So we said... of Course... We´ll teach you! She offered such a beautiful prayer. We asked her how she felt.. and she said... that she Really felt like she was talking to God :) 

5th Little Miracle... This week the Rivera Family progressed a TON. Zoe still continues to be a little angel. We took a minute to read a chapter with her and she said... " I don´t understand why Laman and Lemuel were so mad.. if they would have stayed in Jerusalem they would have all died, they should be thanking them." Wow. She´s 11. She LOVES the Book of Mormon. In her prayer she said... "Thank you for helping me understand the Book of Mormon... the truth is that its absolutely beautiful." She made a little marking system and everything. She is the light of her family. And thanks to her example and enthusiasm... they came to church again ... AND... her Sister in Law... Brother in Law... and other Sister... all accepted Baptismal Dates! YAY! Such a miracle :)

This week I have felt so blessed to have been able to have seen so many little miracles. Those are just a few. But everyday I realize that Heavenly Father FILLS my life with little blessings, miracles, and tender mercies. He truly loves and watches over his Children :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 La Familia Rivera! I love them so much :)

Exchanges with Mi Amiga :) Hermana Masoner! Pancakes....

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