Monday, June 8, 2015

Sleeping Shrimp

What a week! 

The highlight of the week was recieving my "Other" Hija (Hermana Garrido will always be my hija too, whether she likes it or not haha) ....
 Hermana Avalos from Buenos Aires! How exciting, an Argentine companion! She lives in a little town named Bransen 2 hours south of Buenos Aires captial. She is 24 and comes from a family of 16. There are 14 siblings all from the same mom and dad. Wow. Her dad used to be a drunk and super lost, but he randomly found the missionaries and it completely changed her family! She has such a rock solid testimony and is so sweet and patient. :) She has had to be especially patient because the first 3 days together I was super sick. I literally had no voice. It was so funny, she asked me where I was from and I said, America... she said..."Hmmm... I thought normally the North Americans had a higher voice...." hahah she thought my cold man voice was normal... She`s been super patient. So excited to work with her! 

Eliana is doing so well! She gave us an update on her progress with Gonzalo... I guess she layed down the law. She told him that if they don`t get married by the end of July he`s out... Wow. Atta girl. She is so my role model. She knows what she wants and is willing to do what it takes. She truly wants Gonzalo to have what she is experimenting she told us "I can`t do it anymore, I feel so guilty being so happy and knowing that he doesn`t have what I have." Awe. We taught keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and at the end she said.... "Wow... from now on I am going to see Sunday completely different." What a stellar woman. :)

Alright now for the funky title.... 
This week I have felt a little frustrated watching some investigators take the gospel lightly. I have watched how when we are in a lesson, all is well.  They feel the spirit so strongly and you can really tell they want to act, but then they don`t... It reminded me of a spanish phrase Hermana Garrido taught me... "Camaròn que se duerme... se lo lleva la corriente" translated... means... "A shrimp that sleeps is carried away by the current." I LOVE that. If we are not actively working on our conversion, actively working for a change, we are so easily distracted and carried away by the comfort of just following the current... going with the flow. Sometimes we have to muster up all the strength we have a fight against the current, what`s easy, what`s natural, and do what`s difficult... 

Yesterday in church the teacher in Sunday School said something I absolutely loved...
"We are not called to convert... we are called to testify." It`s so true. We can`t convert people, we are just here to testify of the rich blessings of the gospel, of the truths we know and help them act on that testimony! How blessed I feel to be representing my Savior and testifying of His redeeming love for each and every one of us. :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson

 Family Montaño
My cute little Hija, gonna miss her so much :) 
Mirta! Hours on end spent in this little trio! 
Hermana Paulson came to visit us for 3 days :)  
 So sad to say goodbye :(
Trainers and Hijas. Small intake. 
Meet my other Hija :) Hermana Avalos from Buenos Aires :) We`re gonna be great friends. I already love her to death :)

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