Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What My Investigators Taught Me

Crazy crazy week! Yesterday we recieved transfers and.....

I´m gonna be a mom again....
I´m staying here in San Juan Centro to train again! 

That´s the good news... the bad news is that mi hijita is leaving me to go to San Luis!
I feel so blessed to have had 3 months with my Crazy Chilean. She is such a stellar missionary and is going to bless so many lives throughout her mission. She has grown so much and taught me in ways I didn´t even realize! 

I feel SO blessed to spend another 3 months here in San Juan with our amazing ward and our stellar investigators! This week there were so many little miracles. I LOVE seeing the progress of our investigators. I realized the other day that THEY are the ones teaching ME, (of course in a different way...) I am learning so much from their examples. I took a minute to reflect on what they have taught me this week... here´s what I have learned:

· KNOWLEDGE.... She seriously is so dillegent in her studies. This week we brought her some new books, and a Liahona and she got so excited. We extended the committment to study everyday.. and she said... "Well.. Of course". Also we were talking about the difference between wisdom and knowledge... she said..."Wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge"
·  PATIENCE.... She always talks about how she struggles so much with patience and is actively trying to improve... she shared a quote she loves... "Give me the serenity to accept the things I can´t change... strength to change those I can... and wisdom to recognize the difference..." Is that not just the best quote or what?
·  GRATITUDE... At the end of our lesson in gospel principles she said so sincerely and full of gratitude... "Thank you for the beautiful class."
·  FAITH... We have been struggling to get Gonzalo to listen to the lessons. She told us he thinks she is crazy... she always tells us, he just doesn´t understand yet. We explained to Eliana how important it is that Gonzalo too can participate and support, so that together they can have an eternal family... we asked her to talk seriously with him, and she did and he didn´t give the best response.. he has heard lots of rumors... but when she was telling us about it, she said so firmly..."Ya va a venir... no se procupen..." (He´ll come soon... don´t worry...)
·  PERSERVERANCE... Eliana called us during church and started out by saying.. "Hermanas, Gonzalos car has flat tires.... " We thought... crap. She´s not gonna come... (oh women of little faith) Then she continued to say..." But don´t worry, my mother in law is on her way..." :) Awe even in an opportunity to say nah... today no. She came. :)

Estella (Brian & Lusmila):
· CHARITY... This week we had an appointment with Estela but she wasn´t there Monday.... then Tuesday we were walking past her house on our way home. And didn´t think to stop by... but then we saw a little boy running towards us as we approached her house and he said..."Hola misioneras... are you coming to visit my mom?" I barely even remember meeting him. He´s three. And recognized us in the dark. The next day Estela told us that she had been going through really difficult times and had a situation with her ex husband and that´s why she wasn´t there. She told us that after seeing her mom cry Lusmila told her..."Mom listen to the missionaries, I think they will help you."  Awe. So amazing to see the miracles of the purity in kids. They truly love their mom and want her to be happy. :)That´s what families are for. Families are our greatest support :) 

I feel so blessed to be a missionary I love this work :) I love the blessing I have to learn a little more everyday from the people around me. Also, just have to express my gratitude for our dear Apostle L. Tom Perry that recently passed away. My fellow Aggie. What an example he was :) I will be forever grateful for his counsel and legacy he has left here. 

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson
 Estela, Lusmila, and Brian :) AWE . So happy that they came :)

 Jesica :) Rockin the USA.

I have LOVED seeing Valeria get so excited about Family History. So fun to see all her antiguo photos!

 We love Family History :)

Our neighborhood amigos.... Martina, Matias, y Maria Pia :)

The cutest baby. Elena. She rocks the bangs.

Typical Argentine Automobil....

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