Monday, June 15, 2015

Those I Represent...

What a week!

Life is swell! This week we taught Eliana the Word of Wisdom, she was a taken back at the idea of not drinking Tea or Coffee. But I loved watching her attitude change as Jessica (our stellar member friend) bore strong testimony of how much the Word of Wisdom has changed her life. We explained that sometimes we let the littlest things get in the way of the greatest blessings.

Fun find this week. Last Monday our STL`s called us and said they had a golden reference for us. They were walking in the street and a man came up and asked how he could find more. So of course we jumped right on it and set up an appointment. We invited him to Stake Conference... and he came. All on his own. And he found a member in our ward that was his college friend. Such a small world. I love seeing how Heavenly Father perfectly places every detail.

One of my greatest joys this week has been the Joy of Family History. Our zone is really putting a lot of emphasis in the power of Family History and how the spirit of Elias can truly influence and soften the hearts of people. President wanted us to take a couple hours and be familiarized with Family Search. So I did some looking and WOW. I have some faithful family members to thank, that have dedicated hours and hours. It is SO complete. With data, stories, pictures and even audio. I found a clip of my mom at 4 years old singing to her mom. As I continued discovering I was amazed at the legacies of my ancestors... one in particular that inspired me was Lydia Evans... (My Great Great Grandmother).....

LYDIA EVANS: Born in New Market, Wales, her mother died when Lydia was thirteen years old leaving her, the oldest and the only girl, to care for her father and four young brothers. They all came to America traveling nine weeks on the ocean. This was in  From the east coast they travelled by train to Florence, on the Missouri River. Some of the way was through the devastated areas of the Civil War and food was scarce and hard to find. The family traveled all the way to Salt Lake City.  The captain of the ship gave the Mormons credit for saving them with their faith and prayers that all would be well. The journey across the plains was one of extreme hardship and Lydia walked 500 MILES, but became so exhausted and weary that she lagged beside the trail. In a humble prayer she told the Lord: "I can go no farther, accept of my effort thus far, I can go no farther." Wolves were howling not far away and in the distance could be seen the camp fires of a band of Indians around which they were having a war dance. But she had no fear and knew in her heart if she were to die, her efforts would be acceptable and that "All would be well." 

She was missed in camp and someone came back for her. She told him her story and showed her bleeding feet, but he said, "No, Lydia, you are not through, you will go to Zion and carry on the work assigned to you." She rode in a wagon for two days and then walked the rest of the way to Salt Lake, a distance of 1000 MILES. She and Alexander Matheson were married by Brigham Young in the old Endowment House in Salt Lake City, 1 August 1864. They were finally told to abandon Panguitch and move to Parowan. She bore nine sons, She thus carried out the promise made to her that she had a great work to perform. All her sons have raised fine families and their name has been held in honor and respect throughout the southern part of the state where they lived. They were all more or less mechanically inclined and showed more than average aptitude in working with machinery, engineering, milling and in various trades; telegraphy, brick and stone masonry, carpentry, newspaper work, etc. They have all held positions in the Church, including, Bishops, Patriarchs, counselors, High Priests, choir members, missionaries.

As I read this simple story (only the first one I found, I`m sure there are so many more) my heart was full of gratitude for my ancestors. Finding this simple story changed the way I looked at the rest of the week. I thought if my ancestors can walk thousands of miles with bleeding feet I too can go a little further and carry on the work I have been assigned to do.  I came to the realization that the name tag I place over my heart every day represents TWO sacred names, two sacred legacies and sacrifices. That of my Savior Jesus Christ and his infinite and atoning sacrifice, and "Matheson" which reminds me of the legacy I carry, the sacrifices that have been made to get me here. I don`t know where I would be if it weren`t for the sacrifices of these two very sacred names. I will forever be grateful and hold a very special place in my heart for those I represent. How grateful I am to be a Matheson :)

Con Amor, Hermana Matheson
 Lydia Evans


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 Officially a Sanjuanina :) 

 All the San Juan Hermanas, Zone Conference :)

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